If Only I Had A Good Sales Person…

teamIt takes more than a great sales person to ensure a successful business. As a business owner, you cannot rely on the efforts of one individual person to keep your company afloat. A sales person will not succeed without the necessary infrastructure, which is what I will be discussing in today’s post.

I often hear the line, “If only I had a good sales person…”, and in all my years of dealing with business owners, I have come to realize that the answer to your sales problems starts with evaluating everything BUT your sales people.

If you are wondering where to begin, look internally. Below are a few questions to ask yourself to determine why sales are not where you think they should be:

Do we have a sales process?

Does everyone in the company understand the sales process?

How long is our sales cycle?

Do we have a cohesive understanding of all sales elements to train new sales people?

Before you start your search for the “right” sales person, follow these simple steps and you will save yourself from always thinking “if only I had a good sales person..”

  1. Define your sales cycle and process.
  2. Define your target market – exactly WHO are you looking to sell to?
  3. Determine what the marketing message is for your target market.
  4. Decide what tools and materials your team needs to effectively communicate your message to existing and new customers.
  5. Communicate steps 1 to 4 with your team through cohesive training.

One last note: It is important to understand that a sales person with years of experience and a book full of contacts will not perform the way you expect them to without proper training, the necessary tools, and a defined process in place. When you can provide those, you can focus your hiring on a sales person with the right skills, desire and motivation.

Have you taken the time to truly understand why you are not happy with your sales? I’d love to hear your own experiences, so please share them with me in the comments!


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