A Leader’s Quotes on Leadership

FollowingLeaderOne of my fellow TAB colleagues in the UK, Stephen Heslop highlighted in his blog 6 of the 12 quotes delivered by Richard Branson and published in IOD’s Magazine for July /August entitled ‘Branson on Leadership’.

I particularly liked this blog and wanted to share the six quotes with you as they clearly capture the sentiment and principles I have tried to instill when providing advice to many TAB members and SMB owners over the last decade.

No. 1 Simplicity
“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple”

No. 2 Tools & Measurements
“Give individuals the tools they need, outline some work parameters to work within, and just let them do their stuff

No. 3 Lead by Example
“Nobody respects a leader who doesn’t know how to get his hands dirty and innovate personally” 

No. 4 Ability to Listen
“Assemble a great management team that has a passion and a real sense of ownership. Look for leaders who LISTEN to both employees and CUSTOMERS. 

No. 5 Focus
“Rather than focusing on mistakes, catch someone doing something right everyday” 

No. 6 Risks
“Screw it, just do it, because to succeed as a business leader, you must have the bravery to give it a go”


A good part of running your own business is being a strong leader. I hope you have enjoyed reading these quotes and you will share with me your thoughts on leadership in the comments below.


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