This Holiday Have a Relaxation Plan

relax-by-the-fire-afterAs business owners, I know you are sincerely passionate about your business, But at this time of the year, even while your business may be enjoyable, it doesn’t mean that your body and your brain don’t need a break from the constant stimulation.

As a mentor to many business owners, burnout, exhaustion and overwork is something I see often. Sometimes, we may feel guilty taking a break knowing that there is always work to be done and room for improvement. Don’t let yourself forget that innovation, new ideas and renewed energy are products of mental and physical rest. If the only reason you take a break this season is for your business to reap the benefits of a well-rested leader, then make sure that you do it!

This holiday season, be as diligent with your relaxation plan as you are with your business plan. Turn off your devices and let your mind breathe through exercise, a good night’s sleep, getting caught up on some leisure reading and engaging with the people around you. You, and your bottom line, will thank yourself later.


One Comment on “This Holiday Have a Relaxation Plan”

  1. says:

    I believe in this message….

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