Are You Self-Employed or a Business-Owner?

the_office_30529Are you self-employed or do you consider yourself a business owner? The difference between these two titles is often difficult to navigate, as it can be much more than the amount of people you employ. While neither title is more accomplished than the other, you may want to ask yourself “what do I really want to be doing in my role in the coming years?” Do you want to continue to grow your tactical skills set, or manage those who carry out the work of your business?

As I have discussed in many of my previous blogs, owning your own business regardless takes discipline, hard work, but most importantly, direction.  Clarifying what type of business will help you in creating your vision and setting the stage for growth plans moving forward.

I’ve outlined below two sets of questions, aimed at helping you bring clarity to your business.  Try to keep track of how many you answer “yes” or “no” to so you can tally your sores at the end of the exercise.


Did you require an investment to begin your business?

Could your business run for a month without you?

Do you require formal marketing and promotion to gain new clients?

Is your role focused around expanding your business?

Is having an office space required for running your business?


Is your location flexible? Mobile?

Do you make decisions around demands of your industry?

Are you carrying out the work of your business yourself?

Do you trade hours for dollars?

Does business run according to the output of your skills?

Do you harvest multiple business opportunities and tasks?

If you answered, “yes” to more questions in Set #1, you consider yourself to be more of a business owner, where you are taking steps to grow your business and have it run independently of your direct effort. If you answered, “yes” to more questions in Set #2, you may consider yourself to be self-employed and prefer to hone your craft and increase your skills set to reach your audience.

Whether you are a business owner or self-employed, what kind of role do you want to play in your business in years to come? Would you like to eventually be more hands-off? Or continue to be the driving force behind your business’s success? I look forward to your thoughts below!


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