Why Your Business Needs Employee Recognition


How often does your business recognize the achievements of its employees? Not every business has the financial capacity to formally recognize their personnel, so on a smaller scale, how often do you, as a business-owner, make a point of offering praise to your people?

If you can’t remember the last time you shared your pleasure at an employee’s performance, perhaps it’s time you considered the importance of appreciating employees for a job well done, not only to keep your employees happy but to ensure continued performance and motivation.

Why is appreciation so important? Ultimately, it is a fundamental human need. By confirming your appreciation of someone’s work or their contributions to your company, you are acknowledging their value to you and the overall vision of your business. When people feel valued, their job satisfaction increases, as well as their motivation to continue to produce good work.

So how do you offer recognition? You have to find tactics that work for you – some business-owners will make recognition a private conversation with their employee, or choose to verbalize their achievements in front of the rest of the team. Others might choose to work their praise into everyday conversation, especially if the employee would not want to be recognized in a public or formal setting. Delegating more challenging tasks and communicating that good performance helped you make your decision is another way to show recognition of high performers. Others still will make recognition a community initiative by creating office-wide appreciation programs so that employees can recognize each other.

You want your appreciation to be given and received sincerely, so ensure that whatever action accomplishment you are praising is worthy of that praise. You will want to identify opportunities in the workplace where you can offer the recognition that will make the difference for your employees, such as:

  • The completion of an important project or task
  • Feedback from a customer or client about great service
  • Going above and beyond expectations
  • Being a positive influence on the work environment
  • Being a consistent role model for others
  • Taking initiative to learn more and improve skills

How do you show appreciation in the workplace? When you’re on the receiving end of recognition by a superior or colleague, how does that affect your work performance and overall experience? I look forward to your thoughts below!


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