How do you find the best talent for your business?

Hiring TalentMany will argue that it is the people within an organization who are responsible for the success of the business. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, your employees are responsible for communicating the values of your brand and making your current and potential clients feel appreciated, serviced, and listened to. Knowing that employees are your greatest asset, how do you attract the best talent for your business?

Be specific in your job description: Whether you are creating a new position or filling an existing position, you’ll want to look at your job description and decide if it aligns well with the reality of the role and would appeal to the kind of person you are looking for. You can communicate this by including job requirements and qualifications as well as the experience and skills a candidate can expect to gain from the position.

Have an idea of the training that is required: When you are cognizant of and fully understand the training that will be required to acclimate a new employee, you will have a better sense of the experience and skills you are looking for in your candidate. Who would make the smoothest transition? Who already has many of the skills you intend to teach?

Use your network: The perfect person for your business could be hiding in your personal or virtual networks! When you are looking for candidates for a position, reach out to trusted peers and ask if they have anyone in mind. The better you know a candidate, the more confident you can feel about your decision.

The right incentive: The right person for your business won’t be solely interested in financial incentives. Make sure you give a candidate more than one reason to work for your company. You can accomplish this by communicating flexibility, vacation time, benefits, company culture, and skills that can be gained from the role.

What to look for in the interview: Design your interview questions to uncover values, attitude, and underlying motivations as well as experience and skills. This could mean asking questions about hobbies, career goals or how a person spends their free time. Getting a three-dimensional view of your candidate will help you make a confident decision about who to bring into your organization.

Time and circumstance permitted, you won’t want to rush the process of finding the best talent for your organization. Hopefully, with the help of these tips, you’ll be able to attract and choose from a targeted talent pool.

Where have you found the best talent for your business? Do you hire from within your networks? What job forums do you use? I look forward to your thoughts below.


One Comment on “How do you find the best talent for your business?”

  1. Oswald Viva says:

    All your points are right on Philip, but the most important step in the hiring process is the interview. Unfortunately many (most?) managers are not trained in how to conduct a good interview, and many (most?) small business owners are too busy or too hurried to place enough attention to the interview.

    I don’t want it to sound like a sales pitch, but my book “Fundamentals of Job Interviewing for Managers” (available at Amazon) explains what it would take too long to explain here.

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