Why You Need a Cybersecurity Expert

Cyber-securityIt is a common misconception that only large multinational companies are targets of cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, a well-known brand and strong financial resources are not the only target for today’s hackers.

In my time working with SMB owners, the issue that I have seen come up more and more is security.

You may be wondering, “Why would anyone target a small business?” when the real question to ask is, “why wouldn’t someone target a small business?”

It’s a known fact that hackers are aware that smaller businesses usually have weaker online security. SMB owners typically do not invest large amounts of money into security for the exact reason that they do not feel threatened, and that makes them easy prey! In this digital era, more companies doing business online via cloud technology means easy access for skilled hackers.

Added to this is the fact that regardless of the size of your business, you may have a clientele consisting of larger businesses, and that makes you a very appealing entry point for attackers.

My number one piece of advice to all SMB owners is to hire a professional IT advisor on a full-time, contract, project basis; whatever your business requires. I know the tendency is for many of us to leave our IT issues to be handled or managed by an internal person, but unless they are an IT professional, they may not be able to deal with downtime or security breaches.

When you are considering hiring an IT advisor, you will want answers to these questions to understand the type of plan they would put together for you to mitigate your IT risks:

  1. What risks are we currently exposed to?
  2. How often will I need to update my software?
  3. Will I be able to install tech barriers on my budget?
  4. What kind of education/training will you provide my employees with?

Have you been a victim of a cyber-attack? Have you considered hiring an IT advisor to ensure it does not happen again? Please share your experiences in the comments below!


2 Comments on “Why You Need a Cybersecurity Expert”

  1. I agree – to date we have been using internal resources for most or all of our IT requirements and we are now feeling exposed and “falling behind” on certain key aspects of IT, security being one of these areas. A move to using outside expert resources is immanent and likely long over-due.

  2. M2F0 says:

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    I agree!

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