Boosting Team Morale During the Holidays!

cap-600x396Boosting Team Morale During the Holidays!

The holidays are fast approaching, and while it is a very happy and exciting time, it also is a period of high stress for many! With lots of shopping to be done and countless holiday functions to attend with family, friends, and work, the holidays can be quite an overwhelming time.

At this time of year, I’m often asked how employers can keep their employees motivated and energized during the busy build-up to the holiday season. While you can’t control what is happening in the lives of your employees outside of the office, there are a few things you can do for them at work to boost office morale, such as:

  1. Acknowledge accomplishments/hard work.
    • Creating an encouraging environment that recognizes the hard work of your employees will remind them that they are appreciated and their work is valued. They are less likely to let their work suffer during a busy time when they know their impact is important!
  2. Allow for time-off if employees are overwhelmed.
    • If you recognize your employees are overwhelmed, granting an hour or two for personal time can go a long way in helping them focus on their work for the time they are in the office. Their productivity won’t be as great if they are thinking of the million things they have to do when they’re off the clock.
  3. Offer rewards and personal perks.
    • Incentives will keep everyone determined and engaged – and a little friendly competition doesn’t hurt! Setting attainable goals will push your employees in a positive way.
  4. Keep things fun!
    • Ensuring your workplace environment has an element of fun to it is important – nobody works well in a perpetually boring atmosphere! Allow your employees to have fun with one another in a common space, like a lunchroom, and they’ll be able to focus better when at their desks.

While it is inevitable your employees will suffer a “spring fever” type syndrome due to the holiday season, these small tips will help keep everyone on track and productive!

Do you have any tips for keeping your team engaged during busy and overwhelming times of the year? I’d like to hear from you! Let me know in the comments.


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