Millennials in the Workplace

millennial-management-studyA hot topic of discussion in the business world as of late seems to be millennials in the workplace, with people weighing in both positively and negatively on the matter. In my experience working with small and mid size businesses, I have seen a fair share of millennials adding great value to organizations in a number of ways.

This younger generation of professionals has a lot to bring to the table, and they shouldn’t’ be discounted just because of their age. In today’s world, the business environment is continuously changing and transforming itself, and this is something millennials truly understand, as this fast-paced, evolving nature is all they know.

So, what exactly can you and your business learn from millennials? Here are just a few ways this generation of professionals adds value.

  • An understanding of technology and social media.
    • Nobody understands the Internet and a business’ role in social media like a Millennial. They live and breathe the online world.
  • An understanding for work-life balance.
    • Millennials are young, energetic, and motivated. While they work hard, they also understand the importance of a personal life and can juggle both well.
  • A strong emotional intelligence.
    • Millennials are confident and comfortable, but have no problem communicating emotion like self-doubt or disappointment and seeking help from others.
  • The ability to thrive off challenge.
    • Young professionals love to be challenged and given opportunities that will teach them new, useful skills. Fresh challenges are thought of as rewards.

It is important to keep in mind that the value Millennials bring must also be managed properly. This cohort of professionals needs structure in order to succeed, and leadership and guidance from senior colleagues is very important. You are making a coaching commitment when you bring them on board. With the right forms of encouragement and affirmation, they will be loyal and hard-working employees.

What is your experience with hiring millennials to your team? Have you taken advantage of the value they offer? Let me know in the comments!


2 Comments on “Millennials in the Workplace”

  1. mlspensieri says:

    This post really resonated with me because as a young person starting my career, gaining employment can be difficult due to lack of experience. However, I think that one of the largest assets of young employees is that they are very EAGER. They are eager to learn and eager to refine and develop their skills. I think that this quality can be very beneficial to businesses. Thank you for this post!

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