When Does It Make Good Business Sense to Upgrade Your Technology?

Technology_Consulting_lgWith the latest release of Windows 10, it has many small business owners left wondering if they need to upgrade, buy new computers, put your applications on the cloud, buy new secure hosting packages, and more.

While as a business mentor to many small businesses I cannot answer tech-y questions, I can provide you with some guidance in making your office technology decisions.

Tell them how you are going to use it rather than what you need. Unless you are a tech-savvy owner, it’s best to let the experts tell you what technology will meet the needs you have, rather than the other way around. If you present a shopping list of laptops, desktops and routers, you could be buying technology unnecessarily.

Technology assessments outline what it is you want your system or technology to do. Before considering whether to purchase new computers, software applications, phone systems or networking services, you need to identify plans for using the technology. This is not always an easy task, especially when difficult questions arise about the capabilities and limitations of the technologies. You can hire an IT expert to help you conduct a technology assessment or you can conduct one yourself, but have no doubt they are invaluable tools in assessing your technology needs.

Have a technology plan which details what resources already exist and what is planned for the future. It also looks at areas of growth, contingencies, and investment vs. returns. Having technology that is up-to-date and helps increase efficiencies, reduce redundancies, and supports seamless growth is always a good idea.

Technology is forever changing and while it is important to make note of the changes, remember to not get caught up in trends and to stick to your plan and only invest when it will benefit your business.

Has your company invested in your technology recently? Did you do it because of recent trends or as part of your plan? Did you hire a technology expert or do it internally?


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