Do You Need To Be A Visionary To Be A Successful Business Owner?

visionary-leadership-vision-business-planningYou are a successful business owner, a leader, a strong-minded individual with direction, but are you a visionary and if so, is that a good thing for your business?

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that do.” – Steve Jobs

With strong words like this, it’s no wonder many business owners strive to be visionary leaders. But with over 30 years of expertise working directly with business owners, I can tell you it’s not the visionaries alone that make a business successful, it’s a combination of vision and planning. And these two valuable traits can be, but are not often found in just one person.

A visionary leader is: someone who focuses on the big ideas and end results, who can inspire his team to reach organizational goals. They are entrepreneurial in spirit and can easily jump from one priority to another when a new opportunity arises. Creativity, openness and persistence are their drivers.

A planner is: an action-based practical thinker. They focus on the processes behind any task, initiative, or goal. Their top priority is to figure out how the team is going to get things done. Their linear, process-driven approach shows in how they take all things into consideration before making a decision.

Both types are necessary when putting together a successful team, and recognizing what type of leader you are is the first step to making sure you have the right team to lead your business to success.

Which are you — a visionary leader or a planner?


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