About TAB

The Alternative Board exists to help business owners align their business vision with their personal vision. It exists to provide owners / CEOS with the power to ensure that their businesses will deliver what they want out of life.At TAB, we believe collective wisdom brings strategic advantage; accountability hastens individual and business success; drive and creativity engender greater possibilities and clarity of advice eliminates fear of change.
Membership Benefits

TAB Members represent a brain trust of intellectual capital that many could not afford. This trust offers perspectives, insights and ideas to drive member businesses to the next level.Membership at The Alternative Board is about transformation. Transforming companies and their owners to increase business performance, work through business opportunities and challenges, achieve greater success and truly live the personal and professional life the owner desires.Here are some of the Member Benefits

  • Have your own board of advisors to act as your sounding board.
  • Your perspective will broaden.
  • The quality of your decision making will improve.
  • Your board will compel you to take action.
  • The quality of your life will improve.

Please visit our website for more information!

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